A long last, my follow-up book, "Further Off The Map: Fifty-Three Tales of Adventure Along the Rougher Edges of American Wilderness" is finally available in paperback or Kindle editions on Amazon.com!  


To celebrate, I am throwing a release party tonight in Santa Barbara in collaboration with my friend Melanie Hutton, who is releasing her own CD of middle eastern/world music.  There will be stories and songs, with an 8-piece band!  And yes, I'll be playing my tinwhistle on a track or two.  Visit www.facebook.com/events/146904685661768/ to learn more about the event... perhaps to hear how it went!

I am immensely proud of the book.  The editing process was exhaustive, with several friends helping along the way.  These stories should give you many nights of entertainment, safe on your couch, in your bed or by your fireside.  And for the family members who might get freaked out at the cliffs, animals and violent weather, just remember.... I survived.  :)

Now, to congratulate you for getting to the end of this blog post, from November 12th-16th, my first book "Off The Map" is available to you on Kindle for FREE!  Find it here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DAJR8U8

Enjoy the new adventures!

-- Bryan