Welcome to the new site, everyone!

This website has been in the works, at least in my mind, for a good while.  I wanted a convenient way for people to find me, and my writings, in a form that's less clunky than good ol' Facebook... although that page will continue to play host to fresh photographs in the years ahead.  Here, people can access...

GALLERY - A cascade of some of my best images over the years, for when you need visual inspiration

ABOUT - Where I can tell the story of how I came to be a reckless adventurer, and how I've survived.

JOURNAL - Where I can keep a bona fide blog... a home for summer articles and shorter pieces during the colder seasons.  Here I can also respond to questions from my readers and give advice about cross-country travel on a minuscule budget.

I hope you'll find something entertaining or illuminating within these digital pages in the months ahead.  Should you feel inspired, head over to the CONTACT section and let me know what you think!

Safe journeys,

-- Bryan