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Off The Map is a collection of fifty-five outdoor adventures that take place along the rougher and more precarious edges of our country's natural splendor.  Within these stories, the author engages in ill-advised confrontations with the bears of Montana's Bob Marshall Wilderness, the mosquitoes of Yellowstone, and the voracious marmots of the San Juan Mountains. Driven by an unhealthy obsession with cliffs and mountaintops, the author also ventures into such serene and surreal landscapes as the redrock ravines of Utah, the abandoned gold mines of Colorado, the icefields of Iceland, the volcanic peaks of the Cascades, the depths of the Grand Canyon, and the lightning-scarred summits of the Southern Rockies.

If you enjoy tales of haunted hotels and hot springs, hypothermia and heat exhaustion, as well as snapshots of the most scenic locations this continent has to offer, Off The Map will satisfy your inquisitive and adventurous spirit.


When you're ready for more stories of outdoor ambition, flawed plans and narrow escapes, come venture Further Off The Map.

This second compilation invites you on a journey into the wild and inhospitable reaches of our continent in search of natural wonders both breathtaking and obscure.  Join the author as he faces off against rattlesnakes, lightning bolts, dust storms and his own better judgment in the course of fifty-three misguided adventures – tales that span from the colossal volcanic peaks of the Pacific Northwest to the moonlit depths of the Grand Canyon.

With detours into the pyrotechnic metropolis of Burning Man and the hippie utopia of the Rainbow Gathering, this book celebrates the unique qualities of the American West, punctuated with humor, insight, and the risk of severe bodily injury.



Then you can explore the final anthology of outdoor escapades, set in the dustiest, wettest, windiest and most magical places in America.

Falling Off The Map draws you into a world of danger and wild beauty, weaving tales of majesty and misfortune, from sea level along the Lost Coast of California to the dizzying heights of Rainier’s 14,441 feet.  Follow the author as he dodges hailstorms in the Colorado Rockies, bushwhacks through the poison oak-infested hills of Big Sur, tracks grizzlies in the Beartooth-Absaroka Wilderness and sleds down the mighty volcanoes of the Pacific Northwest.

Featuring guest appearances by aggressive marmots, rebellious cows and the world’s hungriest mosquitoes, this book highlights the plights, predicaments and precarious pleasures that can be found past the outposts of Western civilization. 

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